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Bronwen Malcolm works in central London and Hastings.


Trained at St Martins, Malcolm had her first exhibition in her second year of her degree. The show sold out.


On graduation Malcolm continued to develop her own style, constantly reassessing her own visual language.

Her paintings are largely narratives, drawing on her vivid imagination.


Her love of drawing led to a series of large nude and horse studies in 1987.

These were produced by blowing and brushing graphite powder onto damped paper.

The resulting work was shown at a one man show at the Diorama Gallery.


Following  four months travelling in India and Nepal in 1990, Malcolm produced a body of work based on her travels and the people she had met.


By 1993 Malcolm was being represented by the Thackeray Gallery in London, who showed her work extensively both in the UK and the USA.


In 2003 Malcolm began a series of paintings based loosely on the lives of the saints.

The work was a tapestry of research into not just the saints, but the cults and superstitions that have grown around them.

Some of the renderings were based on real people often in contemporary settings, often satirical.

Weaving the anecdotal with symbols and often bizarre facts about the saints, the works explored stories that are largely unfamiliar today.

The exhibition was at Gallery 286.


Since then Malcolm has been experimenting with a new pictorial language that is much looser than her early work.

During the Autumn months of 2023, you will be able to see Bronwen's work at the Boomer Gallery, London.

She has had recent success at the Discerning Eye and Royal Academy in 2023.

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